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Missed Rebecca's latest illustration workshops?

We've got you!


All four of Rebecca's online masterclass recordings are now available to purchase!

Choose from any single two-hour lesson or the complete pro-bundle, all available here!


Drawing on her experience with fashion illustration, Rebecca shares her process for creating beautiful fashion art, portraiture, figure drawing, digital art and more alongside a live demonstration on how to create your artwork from start to finish.


At the end of the session you will have created a beautiful piece of art for your walls and gained skills

to put towards your own personal (and maybe brand new!) illustration practice.

Each session will cover a different topic and can be combined together to form a minature illustration course. All sessions are open to absolute beginners as well as more advanced artists.




Previous workshops both live and online have included

fashion, beauty, product and portrait illustration across

a range of mediums from pencil, ink, pen and watercolour.

Lessons are available for a range of ages from teens to adults.


Branded workshops and collaborations have included

fashion & beauty illustration with




Rebecca's workshop's are designed encourage creativity by merging contemporary products, brands and fashion with artistic exploration for all levels and ages. Branded workshops and demonstrations are a way to create quality commercial content that is both engaging and unique both digitally and live.



To hire Rebecca for a private, commercial or

branded workshop please email [email protected]

Create your own piece of watercolour fashion illustration!


Learn colour theory, watercolours, pose, anatomy and more to create your own fashion painting and learn essential fashion illustration skills and techniques.



Book a completely bespoke and private lesson with Rebecca and choose exactly what you'd like to learn!


This session enables you to create a unique, tailored experience. Choose to focus on a medium, subject or a specific existing or new piece of work of your own!


This session will be a live online meeting between you and Rebecca, where you will be able to see techniques live, ask questions and gain real-time advice while you work. The session will last around 1 and a half hours and will be prepared beforehand.

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Create a digital portrait on the iPad with

the Procreate app!


Learn Procreate basics, portaiture, colour theory and more to create a your own digital fashion illustration full of character!

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Learn how to draw the human figure in full to add life, movement and realism to your characters!


Learn all aspects from anatomy to mark making to rendering, as well as how to draw your own chosen fashion illustration from start to finish!

Learn how to use portraiture as a valuable addition to your fashion and illustration work!


Learn all aspects from anatomy to mark making to rendering, as well as how to draw your own chosen fashion portrait from start to finish!