R E B E C C A   F E N E L E Y

F A S H I O N   I L L U S T R A T I O N


'Heartbreaker' - ENAMEL PIN


Enamel pin brooch in gold tone and black featuring the original Heartbreaker signet by Rebecca Feneley.

Perfect to add some shiny shiny to your biker jacket, decor to your handbag or even in pairs as collar pins! The bow and arrow sigil was inspired by retro prints, a little bit of fairytale heroism and a whole lotta heartbreaking.

-Brooch measures approx 32mm x 30mm
-Metal fixture back
-Proud to be made in the UK.

*All artwork remains copyright of Rebecca Feneley and may not be reproduced or resold without permission.

**PLEASE NOTE only one pin is included and all props are for display only.