R E B E C C A   F E N E L E Y

F A S H I O N   I L L U S T R A T I O N

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Rebecca is a freelance fashion and beauty Illustrator based in the North of England. After graduating from Leeds College of Art in 2015, Rebecca went on to launch her own product line: 'Rebecca Feneley Illustration' in 2016.


Rebecca works as a freelance Illustrator specialising in fashion illustration and live sketching, with a focus on figure & portraiture. Her work includes both traditional & digital illustration after moving into digital art for the first time in 2018.


Rebecca's artwork draws inspiration from a wide range of historic and contemporary sources, including the Art Nouveau period, haute couture, vintage animation and fashion editorials.


In addition to freelance illustration, Rebecca also works on her alternate wedding label: 'The Illustrated Wedding Company' as well as collaborative label 'HerStory Tease' with business partner & muse Joanne Devane.


Rebecca has worked with various global brands and magazines including Tatler, Acqua di Parma and L'Oreal. She enjoys her work most amidst a windowsill of plants, a jumble of pens and a large cup of coffee.

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